Picture1Welcome to the web page of the research group headed by prof. dr. Iztok Turel based at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana.

Our field of research ranges from organometallic and organic synthesis to crystallography and inorganic biochemistry. We are generally interested in the interactions of metal ions and metal-containing species with biologically active small molecules and the impact of these interactions on the cellular processes which constitute the basis of modern drug design.

Presently, our group focuses on the synthesis and structural characterization of new ruthenium coordination and organometallic compounds, primarily for biomedical applications and recently also as catalysts in organic transformations. Together with partner research groups both within the University of Ljubljana and abroad (groups from Austria, Greece, Italy, Holland, Serbia,…) we are interested in the study of mechanisms-of-action of novel metallodrugs followed by structure-based optimization of hit compounds.

bioinorganic complexes ruthenium bioinorganic complexes ruthenium