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Krka Grand Prize

Every year the well-established Slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka opens the call for applications for the Krka Prize contest. This year a record number of 114 undergraduate and postgraduate students responded to the call and among them 5 Krka Grand Prizes for special research achievements, 25 Krka Prizes and 44 Krka Prizes with special recognition were awarded to the students.

Turel Group is proud to announce that among the applicants, our postdoctoral researcher Dr. Jerneja Kladnik was awarded the Krka Grand Prize for Special Research Achievement for her PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Iztok Turel, in which she focused on the synthesis of biologically active metal complexes with pyrithione and its analogues. Turel Group congratulates Jerneja on this award and wishes her lots of success in her future research!