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New article in RSC journal Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

Check out the newest publication of the Turel group in the RSC journal Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers (IF 2016 = 4.036) in collaboration with our Serbian colleagues from Kragujevac, Niš and Belgrade:

A new class of platinum(II) complexes with the phosphine ligand pta which show potent anticancer activity


This paper is the result of the research visit of postdoc Marija D. Živković in our labs in 2014/2015 and describes the synthesis, physico-chemical characterization and biological evaluation of two classes of platinum(II) complexes with halogen-substituted hydroxyquinoline ligands (hq) with the general formula [Pt(hq)(X)Cl] where X = S-dmso, pta. Congratulations to Marija for the great publication and to all other co-authors.

New article in Dalton Transactions with Dean’s award

Check out the newest accepted publication of Turel group in Dalton Transactions in collaboration with our colleagues from the Faculty of Pharmacy:

Clioquinol-ruthenium complex impairs tumour cell invasion by inhibiting cathepsin B activity


First author Ana Mitrović has been awarded the Dean’s award for most notable scientific achievements in 2016 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Ljubljana for the research presented in this scientific paper. Congratulations!

Special issue of JIB in occasion of COST CM1105 meeting

The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry is dedicating its 160th volume (July 2016) to the COST CM1105 action ‘Functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecules’. Within this issue you can find two contribitions of the Turel research group. The first contrubution is entitled ‘Interactions of two cytotoxic organoruthenium(II) complexes with G-quadruplex’ by our former team member Sara Seršen in collaboration with the research team of prof. Janez Plavec from the National institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia. The second paper, entitled ‘Cobalt(II) complexes with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and α-diimines’ continues our successful partnership with prof. George Psomas in the field of structural determination and biological evaluation of 3d transition metal complexes of clinical agents.

Article in Dalton Transactions

Check out our latest research published in Dalton Transactions.

‘Pyrithione-based ruthenium complexes as inhibitors of aldo–keto reductase 1C enzymes and anticancer agents’

Back cover in Dalton Transactions

The scientific paper in Dalton Transactions co-authored by Iztok Turel with partners from the Ruđer Bošković institute, Zagreb, Croatia, headed by prof. Srećko I. Kirin has received spotlight as the editors have emphasized the importance and quality of the research results by awarding it the back cover graphic. The article by Đ. Škalamera, E. Sanders, R. Vianello, A. Maršavelski, A. Pevec, I. Turel and S. I. Kirin titled ‘Synthesis and characterization of ML and ML2 metal complexes with amino acid substituted bis(2-picolyl)amine ligands’ (Dalton Trans. 2016, 45, 2845-2858) presents the studies on the influence of the structure of aminoacid-functionalized tridentate ligands on the spatial arrangement of ligands and the formation of different isomers of octahedral zinc complexes. These complexes serve as model compounds for the development of novel catalysts for asymmetric transformations.


Articles published in Polyhedron and JIB

Our research on bioinorganic complexes of ruthenium has been published in Polyhedron and Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. Check out our work at:

‘Ruthenium complexes as inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase-1’


‘Interactions of two cytotoxic organoruthenium(II) complexes with G-quadruplex’

Congratulations to first authors Katja nad Sara and many thanks to all the collaborating research teams.